Hi, I’m Sophie, and I am a freelance illustrator from Germany. Born and raised in Berlin, I am currently living on the Bavarian countryside between Erlangen and Nuremberg. I love food, literature, movies, games and music – not necessarily in that order.

I create illustrations and designs mostly for writers, bands, streamers or game developers – or just for myself – and focus heavily on fantasy and horror themes.

What is Fox And Rabbit Art?

It is the name I chose for my business as it is reflects my work better than my name could. My artworks are influenced by old stories, fairy tales, horror, mystery and fantasy. The fox and the rabbit are recurring characters in typical fables and represent two sides of a coin, the two fighting opposites inside each of us, but also the prospect of them both living at peace with each other.

What do I offer?

Artworks & Illustrations

  • Character design & illustrations for video games, tabletop or pen & paper games
  • Album cover art for bands and musicians
  • Book covers & illustrations for novels, graphic novels or comic books
  • Digital designs, e.g.: Social media & website artworks, Twitch & Youtube channel designs, emotes, overlays, …

Book Layout

  • Professional book layout and type setting
  • Full book package: Book layout, illustrations and cover design

Credentials – Art with a passion

Chances are that if you ended up here, I’m the person you were looking for. I’ve got many years of experience in various fields to help you find the perfect solution suiting your needs. I do graphic design, character design, illustration, artworks… You name it. Anything that can be created with a pen and mouse, I can make it happen.


  • Scrum/Board Master (2018)
  • Graphic Design (2018)
  • Associate Engineer (2011)
  • Over ten years of commission work experience

“Been there, done that”:

  • Event planning and tour management in music business
  • Organising gaming charity events (thegamingmammoth.com)
  • Attending Business Coaching Courses
  • Adobe and Microsoft Office Applications
  • VoIP Platforms (Hangouts, Skype, Discord)
  • Live Streaming Services (Twitch.tv, Youtube)
  • Software Development on Windows and Linux/UNIX systems
  • Team development & coaching

I have by now worked in various fields. I have created using a pencil, my graphic tablet, instruments, by coding or with the help of my organisational skills. And I have come to realise that it is time to pursue my true passion, what I have always loved and what I am simply best at.

Art has always been a big part of my life. I basically started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a pencil, and it has accompanied me ever since. It is my preferred way of expression, and very early I realised it also helps me express what is on other people’s minds.

I can help you find the perfect solution to express yourself. Be it a logo design, book illustration or Twitch channel artworks.


As of 2019, I decided to start a Patreon as well. There, you can get insight into my work and the process behind the art pieces, from initial idea to finished illustration. If you’re interested in how I come up with my drawings and would like to chat with me on one of my livestreams, join me on Patreon.

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